About Us

A company built on

Shared Values

Founded in 2013, Pt Capital, LLC is a private equity firm concentrating on investment opportunities in the underserved markets of North America and Europe, including Alaska, Canada, Iceland, and Finland. Pt Capital’s work is based on the common desire to enrich the region, investing in strong companies that have sustainable competitive advantages and opportunities for growth.

Because we work exclusively within the region we invest, our expertise is both funneled and focused into one prime area. Our team is made up of specialist investors who have deep ties to local communities and businesses. As an emerging manager, we have a single-minded drive to invest in great businesses in partnership with global investors and indigenous organizations.

Turning ideas
into realities

This expertise reaches beyond passion to translate into real and measurable results for our Limited Partners.

These include successful investments in remote housing, scrap metal recycling, tourism, and telecommunications, among others.

Our team has developed a successful platform for private equity investment in the North. We have a positive track record of creating value and generating returns to our Limited Partners.

Pt Capital’s executive team have worked together for approximately five years. During this time, Pt Capital has raised $125.4 million for its inaugural private equity fund, Pt Arctic Fund I, LP from global investors, asset managers, and Alaska Native Corporations, and evaluated potential investments with enterprise values exceeding $1.7 billion.


In the aggregate, our portfolio of companies has a combined enterprise value of $387 million and manages over 950 employees across the U.S., Iceland, and Finland.

Our Team

The people behind each investment

Pt Capital is built on the expert knowledge of our operators and investors.

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Investor Relations

We make our investors our top priority

When you invest with us, you’re always in the loop. Learn about Pt Capital’s philosophy on what creates good client relationships.

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