Investing in great people


who make great companies

Pt Capital is a boutique investment firm that provides access to capital in geographies that have historically been underserved by private equity.  Growing, recapitalizing or exiting a business in an area that lacks attention from outside investors can be challenging. Pt Capital partners with companies by providing capital that allows them to execute their growth strategies and recapitalizations or the liquidity needed to facilitate ownership transitions.

Pt traditionally targets profitable businesses with EBITDA of $2.0 million to $10.0 million and revenue of $20.0 million to $50.0 million

Characteristics we seek include:

  • Dominant and defensible market positions or a clear path to establishing them
  • High barriers to entry
  • Identifiable growth prospects
  • Generational shifts/succession needs
  • Companies in need of strategic direction or operational improvements

Our focus is in the following sectors:


  • Industry support
  • Oilfield services
  • Military and government contracting
  • Infrastructure needs


  • Hotels
  • Attractions
  • Tour operators
  • Remote lodging


  • Marine cargo transport
  • Airlines
  • Remote area support
  • Warehouses


  • Telecommunications
  • IT Services
  • Clean energy
  • Data centers